Pete’s Dragon and Other Fantastic DVD & Blu-ray New Releases

Pete’s Dragon

The sole survivor of a family car crash deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, 5-year-old Pete was incredibly rescued–and nurtured–by an enormous green dragon that he named “Elliott.” Five years later, as developers begin to encroach upon their forest home, the feral Pete (Oakes Fegley) must learn to trust a kindly forest ranger (Bryce Dallas Howard) and her father (Robert Redford) if he’s to save Elliott and their life together. Disney’s striking revisitation of their 1977 favorite also stars Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oona Laurence. 102 min.


Roald Dahl’s whimsical novel comes to life in this delightful fantasy from director Steven Spielberg. When young Sophie spies a giant outside the window of her London orphanage, she’s whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime. Can Sophie and her new friend, dubbed the Big Friendly Giant, stop the rest of the (not-so-friendly) giants from devouring the children of Great Britain? With Ruby Barnhill, Penelope Wilton, and Mark Rylance in a voice and motion-capture performance as the BFG. 118 min.

Absolutey Fabulous: The Movie

Buckle in, sweetie darlings, because flamed-out fashionistas Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley) have burst out of the Britcoms and onto the big screen! After trying to salvage Eddy’s promotional concern by signing Kate Moss (as herself)–and apparently knocking her fatally into the Thames–the ladies beat it for the south of France, where Pats has a last-ditch plan to let them keep living in the debauchery to which they’ve been accustomed. Riotous reunion also stars Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks, June Whitfield, and a catwalkful of cameos. 91 min.

Don’t Breathe

A trio of thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) thought the blind war veteran (Stephen Lang) whose house they picked to rob would be an easy mark. They were wrong. After breaking in, they find that, not only is their would-be victim not the pushover they expected, he’s actually a formidable adversary who quickly turns the tables on them, trapping them in his home and forcing them to fight for their lives. Franciska Töröcsik, Emma Bercovici co-star in this acclaimed horror hit. 88 min.

The Wild Life

Ever wonder how Robinson Crusoe really managed to survive all those years alone on a desert isle? This charming CGI-animated effort from Belgium offers some answers, as the hapless castaway (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal) captures the attention of the island’s restless animal inhabitants, who become his surprising helpmates…and who’ll need his aid in return when some scheming shipwrecked cats declare themselves in charge! With the voices of David Howard, Jeff Doucette, Debi Tinsley. 91 min.