’70s Flashback: Let’s Make #SerpicoSaturday Happen

Because #SerpicoSaturday should be a thing, here’s out look back at a 1970s classic.

Based on Peter Maas’ riveting true-life story of NYC police officer Frank Serpico, Serpico is one of the greatest films to have emerged from the dark and gritty 1970s. The film stars Al Pacino as the honest and non-conformist titular cop, a man who found his unshakable integrity putting his life in jeopardy in a department full of corruption. From uniformed patrolman to undercover officer, Serpico was moved from precinct to precinct in an effort to keep him safe from his fellow cops. As exciting as this movie was, what makes it even more intense is that the events depicted in the film all actually occurred. Here’s the real Frank Serpico sharing his thoughts on the movie based on his life with The New York Times:

The film remains a classic, even now that it is largely viewed as a period piece of the ’70s, but the issues it raises remain as valid as ever. Finally, to end on an up note, his Charlie Day’s fantastic impersonation of Pacino’s Serpico from the “Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City” episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Now that’s fantastic. Share your memories of Serpico below!