Turn to the Left!: “Raising Arizona” Turns 30 This Year

Still one of the weirdest, most wonderful comedies of the 1980s, Raising Arizona is a riotous comedy caper from Joel and Ethan Coen about an infertile couple (ex-con Nicolas Cage and policewoman Holly Hunter) who desperately want children, and figure that the wealthy parents of newborn quints can spare one! But they soon discover their plan comes with such complications as ex-cons, diaper changes, and a sinister bounty hunter. I can’t believe that this movie turns 30 this year, as it seems truly timeless. More than just being hilarious, the movie features two leads that are lovable despite their (many) flaws, and a supporting cast that includes everyone from John Goodman to the great Randall Tex Cobb. There are many great sequences throughout the film, but I think my personal favorite is either the Pampers heist sequence or the touching dream sequence that closes out the movie. But that’s just my opinion, I want to know what you think! What’s your favorite moment from Raising Arizona? Let us know in the comments!