Transformers: The Movie Has Still Got The Touch

Celebrating its 30th anniversary today is Transformers: The Movie, the beloved animated feature based on the popular 1980s toy line/cartoon. The film is most notable for — three decade-old spoiler alert — the death of Optimus Prime, a moment that countless Gen X manchildren still haven’t gotten over. Oh well. Some of the greats providing voicework for the film include Peter Cullen (who went on to reprise his role as Optimus Prime in the Michael Bay Transformers flicks, for better or worse), Scatman Crothers Judd Nelson, Monty Python’s Eric Idle, Leonard Nimoy, and, in his final film role, Orson Welles. The movie will be celebrated with a new special edition of the film being released by Shout Factory on September 13th, but until then check out the above video for Stan Bush’s fist-pumping tribute to all things Cybertronian, “The Touch.”

How much of a jam is this song? So much so that Dirk Diggler attempted to make his own cover of it in Boogie Nights:

That’s “No Myth” singer Michael Penn playing the frustrated studio engineer there. Fantastic. Just remember readers, you know that when things get too tough, YOU GOT THE TOUCH!