10 Cloverfield Lane Leads This Week’s DVD & Blu-ray New Releases

From the spooky to the sublime, here’s what new releases are now available:

10 Cloverfield Lane

Following a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up in an underground bunker owned by the mysterious Howard (John Goodman) who informs her that the world has suffered an unknown attack and that they and fellow survivor Emmett (John Gallagher, Jr.) must remain in the shelter if they want to live. As time passes, Michelle will have to decide whatÆs more dangerous, her current accommodations or what ma — or may not — be lurking outside. Suzanne Cryer co-stars in this psychological thriller, a spiritual successor to the 2008 hit Cloverfield.

Get a Job

Originally shot in 2012 but not released until 2016, this smart comedy follows Will Davis (Miles Teller), a just-out-of college Millennial, shocked to discover that the career of his dreams isnÆt simply waiting for him. While Will slides from one unsatisfying job to the next, his girlfriend (Anna Kendrick) and hard-working father (Bryan Cranston) must also struggle with their own employment issues. Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Alison Brie, Marcia Gay Harden, John Cho also star.

Crimson (aka The Man With The Severed Head)

Eurocult icon Paul Naschy (Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror) stars as a criminal gang leader who undergoes a radical surgery in Juan Fortuny’s 1973 thriller CRIMSON. When a jewel heist goes awry, Jack Surnett (Naschy) and his fellow thieves take shelter at the home of a scientist experimenting in brain replacement. Through the surgical finesse of the doctor’s wife (Silvia Solar), Surnett is restored to health, but suffers irresistible pangs of bloodlust-and conventional lust as well-after the brain of a criminal known as “The Sadist” (Roberto Mauri) is grafted onto his own. This Redemption edition includes both the U.S. release version (English dubbed) as well as the extended international version (French with optional English subtitles), which features additional (sexually provocative) footage.
45 Years

Mutually doting British retirees Kate and Geoff Mercer (Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay) were prepping for their impending 45th anniversary celebration when they received stunning news concerning the woman who Geoff loved, and lost to tragedy, 50 years prior. As each is left to painfully ponder the what-ifs of their circumstances, their long union might well be facing its greatest crisis. Exquisitely performed drama also stars Geraldine James, Dolly Wells.

The Brave One

This simple and charming drama about a Mexican boy’s efforts to save his beloved pet bull from a certain death in the arena against a top matador was marked by controversy (blacklisted scripter Dalton Trumbo, writing under a pseudonym, won an Academy Award), but remains a warm story for the entire family. Michel Ray, Rodolfo Hoyos star.