This Week In Film History, 11-22-09

button-film-historyNovember 29, 1939: The legendary rivalry between gossip queens Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons begins when Parsons is scooped on the divorce of James Roosevelt.

November 25, 1940: Voiced by Mel Blanc, Woody Woodpecker laughs his way into cartoon fame in the Andy Panda short Knock Knock.

November 26, 1942: Taking advantage of Allied landings that put the North African city in the news, Warner Bros. opens Casablanca in New York.

November 24, 1947: Ten Hollywood writers and producers are cited for contempt of Congress and will go on to be found guilty and be banished from the film community.

November 26, 1990: Japanese company Matsushita purchases MCA, parent company of Universal Pictures, for $6.13 billion.

November 27, 1996: Disney debuts the first live-action remake of one of its animated features, 101 Dalmatians.