Six Pix: Rivers

Six Pix presents a sextet of movie posters representing a particular actor/director/genre. You pick the one you feel is visually the most artistic or best sums up the film.

This Six Pix takes you to the river.


Included are: The African Queen (1951); Deliverance (1972); Apocalypse Now (1979); A River Runs Through It (1992); The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993); and The River Wild (1994).

The one sheet with the namesake African Queen navigating the Ulanga River is as formidable as the team of Bogart, Hepburn and Huston. Is there any more haunting scenery than that of the Nung River disappearing into the jungle miasma? The Adventures of Huck Finn has Huck and Jim facing excitement—and their destiny—dead ahead on the Mississippi. A River Runs Through It gorgeously frames the tranquil, bucolic sight of fly fishing on the Blackfoot River. The unsettling Deliverance poster poses the chilling question “What did happen on the Cahulawassee River?” And lastly, the Salmon River appears to be chewing up and spitting out unlucky white water rafters. For me, the searing Apocalypse Now poster just manages to best its lovely alter image, A River Runs Through It.


Which one do you think is the winner? Should I have included something else? Tell me about it below!