What’s in a Name? Some Great Movie Titles

Filmmakers aren’t exactly taking any kind of big risk when they slap instantly recognizable, highly lucrative, or simply attention-getting names like “Spider-Man” or “Sherlock Holmes” or “Harry Potter…” or “Dracula” or “Joan of Arc” onto the titles of their films. But what about when you call your film something like…Tammy? Will that upcoming film be of such quality that the fame of its name outstrips the notoriety of its star (Melissa McCarthy)? Will it become as beloved as, say, Marty? (No, that was a rhetorical question) Will it morph into a kind of commonly acknowledged cultural shorthand, as was the case with Rocky…or Forrest Gump? When you hear the name “Joe”…do you think about a 1970 movie starring the late, great Peter Boyle…or do you think about a 2014 film with Nicolas Cage? The movies were so good, you probably feel like you actually know Annie Hall, or Juno…but are you going to feel the same way about…Frank? Movie Irv is here to discuss movies with “name” titles:

Apart from noting the bizarre coincidence (if you’ve watched those trailers linked above) that both Tammy and Frank appear to involve their stars employing goofy headwear (!), what do you want to share with us about the topic of this fascinating category of movie titling? What films with “name” titles are the best? Which ones fell flat? Would Duck Soup still be the same classic film if it had been called Rufus T. Firefly instead? Discuss.