Six Pix: Polar Vortex Edition

Six Pix presents a sextet of movie posters representing a particular actor/director/genre. You pick the one you feel is visually the most artistic or best sums up the film.

Six Pix gets swept into the Polar Vortex.


Included are: Conquest of the Pole (1912); The Lost Zeppelin (1929); Scott of the Antarctic (1948); Ice Station Zebra (1968); The Thing (1982); and Whiteout (2009).

The frigid Polar Vortex has been keeping us inside this winter watching movies, which got us thinking about ones that take place mainly at the North and South Poles—no Christmas or animated penguins allowed! Among the half dozen here I like (in keeping with our theme) from the north the fantastic Conquest of the Pole; from the south, the bold & mysterious poster of The Thing. The weirdly fascinating scene of balloons, dirigibles, and other odd flying machines hovering above an imagined arctic landscape gets my vote.

Which one do you think is the winner? Should I have included something else? Tell me about it below!