Vote for Best Movie President!

We get a pretty decent turnout on the MovieFanFare polls, so hopefully that’s a sign that our faithful readers intend to exercise their franchise on November 6.

Feeling edgy about those new “voter ID” laws? Make sure you know if you’re ready to rock and roll by the time you enter the polling place. Here’s one good resource to keep tabs on the latest requirements; here’s another site to indulge all wonks truly interested in protecting citizens’ rights to cast their ballots.

Meanwhile, let’s toss aside the “R” and “D” labels for a moment and take the pulse of the public on the controversial topic of the Best Commander-in-Chief of the Cinema! Irv has a definite favorite:

Time for you to play pundit. Vote for the best (real-life or entirely fictional) portrayal of a U.S. president. And then get yourself excited about voting for the real one.