Brad Pitt: Overrated or Underrated?

He’s made women around the world swoon…and men around the world envious. His appeal has been likened to that of Robert Redford; he’s been likewise maligned as a superficial “pretty boy” (much like…well, read my own defense of a much-mocked, top-grossing male star yourself). He won the heart of the powerful and statuesque Angelina Jolie, and, much like Jolie and colleague George Clooney, has evinced a strong interest in philanthropy and activism.

Yes, Brad Pitt makes a lot of headlines. Let’s not lose focus on the man as an actor, though, and the strong opinions surrounding his command of the craft. Many feel he’s overrated; others think he’s yet to receive his just due. Before rendering your own verdict, here’s Movie Irv on the male half of Brangelina and his career thus far:

It’s your turn now. Talk all things Brad Pitt—but especially his skills as an actor and the impact he’s made (or not made) on you with his many films.