Surprise! 2012 Oscar Predictions

What’s that everybody always says about the Oscars being predictable? Well, maybe we’re just blowing that up this year. Who could have guessed that producer Brett Ratner (he of the Rush Hour films and the less-than-revered third X-Men movie) would step down after shooting his mouth off in a most un-P.C. manner? Will Eddie Murphy be gone too by the time you read this? (Oh, my. Yes, he already is, exiting mere hours after I first prepared this text) Wow. You may or may not recall that I thought he would do a darn good job in what may be an interesting year. Billy Crystal fans may now safely rejoice.

Anyway, it’s November 2011, so you know what that means: Oscar prognosticating is well underway! Movie Irv is back, well-rested from making his stellar first round of predictions from 2010 (which you can revisit here if you want to take a stroll down memory lane) to give you some insights and opinion about what to expect when the nominations are announced: