2011 Oscar Nominations! Movie Irv Reviews Snubs & Surprises

How did you fare with your first round of Academy Awards predictions? If you check out 2011 Oscars! Academy Awards Predictions by Movie Irv, you’ll see our resident cinema guru did pretty well. Now, let’s check in with Irv as he surveys the recent carnage, offering up his picks for Most Snubbed and Most Surprising:

Speaking of Oscars and snubbing, new students of Oscar history may wish to take a refresher course in the Academy’s glorious tradition of overlooking deserving winners-who-weren’t, with I Would Not Like To Thank The Academy: Oscar Snubs Over The Years! You may also wish to make your own fantasy-Best-Picture-switch by contributing to the Movie Poll: Which Best Picture Academy Award Switch Would You Make? And, while you’re at it, give Gary your two cents (or more, if you’re doing well in this economy) over his survey of contentious or surprising Oscar campaigns, When The Best Picture Isn’t the “Best Picture.”

Come back soon…Irv will be making his final predictions before the Sunday, February 27 telecast. As the man behind the camera, I will only note with melancholy the egregious lack of love for Machete.