’70s Flashback: TV Favorites

All in the familyL Favorite TV Shows form the 70sSaying that the 1970s were a tumultuous decade is an obvious understatement. Crime was up, employment down, and an unpopular war divided the nation. Hmm, sounds familar doesn’t it? Anyways, without getting political let’s just say that it was time packed with much uncertainty and doubt. This societal upheaval was perfectly reflected in an assortment of shows from the era that really  helped cement television’s reputation as a legitimate artform. For this installment of ’70s Flashback, we’ll be looking at the opening credits sequences of several of my favorite shows from the decade. (Be sure to name your favorites in the comments). From the politically incorrect opinions of Archie Bunker to everybody’s favorite lollipop-loving detective and beyond, here’s a trip down memory lane to the wonderful chaos of the 1970s.  Don’t be a dingbat or meathead, check out these intros!

All in the Family

For sitcom fans, those really were the days!

Good Times

Groundbreaking comedy and drama with the Evans family.

Happy Days

Whatever happened to Chuck Cunningham anyways?


And then there’s Maude!


Who loves ya baby? We all still do Telly!

What’s Happening?

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s Raj, Rerun and the gang!

Of course, with so many great shows debuting during the “me decade,” there’s no way I could fit all of these yesteryear classics into one post. Look for another ’70s Flashback post on TV favorites coming soon! In the meantime, let me know what your favorite shows from the 1970s were and why in the comments! Until then, stay groovy.

  • Linda Thacker

    Loved the time when Sammy Davis, Jr. kissed Archie right on the mouth. Cracked me up!!

  • Bruce Beckwith

    You didn’t metion “Police Story”. The best and most realistic cop show ever. It’s sad that so much drivel has been released on DVD while a real quality show remains on the shelf. Come on Sony, get it together and release “Police Story” on DVD!

    • Bruce Reber

      I do agree – “Police Story” was one of the best cop shows of the 70′s. Actually. it was an anthology, with a diffferent story and cast each week. Joseph Wambaugh, former LAPD member and author of “The New Centurions”, “The Onion Field” and “The Choirboys” was the tech consultant, if I remember correctly. And it DOES need to be released on DVD!

  • BadGnx2

    First and foremost, I do agree with Brian Beckwith about “Police Story”. It CONFOUNDS ME that this show, in addition to “The Green Hornet” are not available.
    I have a few episodes of “Police Story” scattered about on tape. But I can honestly tell you that that show was as on target TODAY as it was in the 70s.

    The fanbase is already there and waiting and yet neither of these fine shows have been released.

    “Happy Days” was best when the show was filmed (I believe the first three seasons)and before they went to the studio audience format and later it became “The Fonzie Show”. It also got silly – introducing “Mork” (Robin Williams) and “Laverne and Shirley”.
    I remember an early episode of “Happy Days” that dealt with racism. Very “racey” considering the show and its format.

    For fans of classic television, I would STRONGLY ADVISE checking out the WEBSITE for the Chicago Museum Of Broadcast Communications.
    This is IS A FREE website that has many lost episodes of popular and forgotten television shows from the past. They also have many pilot episodes. Be prepared to spend HOURS in front of your computer.

  • tammy johnson

    I enjoyed the series when it aired, now im collecting the movies, just cant get enough, its the best laugh’s iv ever had.

  • Matthew Lewis

    Three of my favorites were “A Man Called Sloane” and “The Duke” by staring Robert Conrad. “Sloane” was a poor man’s James Bond (with the humor of the gadgets thrown in). “The Duke” was a detective picture based on a very serious note. A young white boy “taken in” and raised to become a young man by a black boxing club owner. The owner is killed and the young man swears revenge on the killers. To accomplish this he becomes a private eye type detective and even joins the gang that killed his “father” to find the people in charge. He is a good guy, working with bad guys to bring down the bad guys no matter what. I think this is one of Conrad’s best TV series.

    Another is Roll Out” staring (among others) Scoey Mitchell. My uncle was in the Red Ball Express during WWII and many of the stories he told me happened in that series.

    I would like to get these three items on high quality DVD’s.

    • Raysson

       POLICE STORY was one of the most realistic and most frank of the grand array of cop shows that were all over the place during the 1970′s. I’m surprised that this is not out on video and it needs to be….If they can put out the entire seasons of “M*A*S*H”,and “The Brady Bunch” on DVD,they can do justice to this Emmy winning police drama that was one of the best to ever come out of the 1970′s

      Also needs to be released on DVD…..BARETTA….This was the series out of the mid-1970′s that cemented Robert Blake’s career as a bonafide television actor,and this Emmy nominated cop show was one of the best…..

      One of the funniest comedies of the 1970′s….BARNEY MILLER starring the great Hal Linden.

      CHOPPER ONE…ABC’s answer to EMERGENCY! that was produced by Aaron Spelling

    • Raysson

      Matthew Lewis:  ROBERT CONRAD
      “A Man Called Sloane” was a cross between James Bond and James West(Robert Conrad’s other character from the Wild Wild West where he played a secret agent) with most of the humor and some groovy gadgets. This series lasted one season and was produced by the great Quinn Martin(yes,that Quinn Martin of “The Fugitive”, “The FBI”, “Streets of San Francisco”,and “The Invaders” fame)……

      I’m surprised no one has even mentioned his short-lived World War II action adventure series called BLACK SHEEP with Robert Conrad and Simon Oakland that was produced by Glen Larson that lasted two seasons at NBC from 1976-1978.

      Or his dramatic role as a district attorney in “The D.A.” which was also a short-lived series that was produced by Jack Webb and was directed by Jack Webb that lasted one season on NBC from 1970-1971.

      This was a short-lived series that was produced by the same people who brought you M*A*S*H. This series starred Scoey Mitchell, Garrett Morris, and Cleavon Little about the Red Ball Express during WWII.


  • aldanoli

    Actually, Sammy didn’t kiss Archie on the mouth — he set up the “kiss” as what Archie thought would be a side-by-side picture of the two of them, and at the last second before Barney Hefner snapped the picture, Sammy turned from facing the camera to plant one on the side of Archie’s face. Still a great and memorable moment — directed by the late, great John Rich, who passed away just two days ago — and one that deservedly won an Emmy. The episode was written, surprisingly enough, by Bill Dana — better known as “Jose Jimenez,” and a frequent cohort of Don Adams (who co-starred on Dana’s eponymous show).

  • Raven111cats

    This isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I would like to name my top ten favorite, best,sitcoms of all time, not necessarily in this order:  I Love Lucy, Three’s Company, Roseanne, Two and a Half Men, What’s Happening, The Jeffersons, The First Bob Newhart Show, Bewitched, All In The Family, and The Honeymooners.  I rolled on the floor with some episodes on every one.

  • Raysson

    To clarify…..We’re talking favorite TV shows of the 1970′s……”Bewitched” was in the 1960′s,and “The Honeymooners” with Jackie Gleason came out around the 1950′s the same with “I Love Lucy”….”Roseanne” came out around the 1990′s…..

    But when it comes to classic TV sitcoms of the 1970′s I have my list of some of the greats from that period……
    From “The Odd Couple”, “The Bob Newhart Show”, “The Jeffersons”, “What’s Happening!”, “Good Times”, “Alice”,
    “Three’s Company”, “Laverne and Shirley”, “Sanford and Son”, “All In The Family”, “Maude”, “Barney Miller”, “That’s My Mama”, “Different Strokes”, “The Carol Burnett Show”, “The Paul Lynde Show”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” were just as hilarious as they were then and still are today..

  • Raysson

    Ed Asner as LOU GRANT….one of the most realistic dramas to ever come to mid-1970′s TV.

  • jim

    Where is the best comedy of all time, “The Bob Newhart Show”??????