Surprise! 2012 Oscar Predictions

What’s that everybody always says about the Oscars being predictable? Well, maybe we’re just blowing that up this year. Who could have guessed that producer Brett Ratner (he of the Rush Hour films and the less-than-revered third X-Men movie) would step down after shooting his mouth off in a most un-P.C. manner? Will Eddie Murphy be gone too by the time you read this? (Oh, my. Yes, he already is, exiting mere hours after I first prepared this text) Wow. You may or may not recall that I thought he would do a darn good job in what may be an interesting year. Billy Crystal fans may now safely rejoice.

Anyway, it’s November 2011, so you know what that means: Oscar prognosticating is well underway! Movie Irv is back, well-rested from making his stellar first round of predictions from 2010 (which you can revisit here if you want to take a stroll down memory lane) to give you some insights and opinion about what to expect when the nominations are announced:

  • Susan

    Thanks Irv. I may have been the only person in the world who was not looking forward to seeing Eddie Murphy as a “new, fresh” approach to the Oscar show. It isn’t always enjoyable seeing the movie industry treated with disrespect and bleeped language as a new twist. It takes a lot of ingenuity to please a huge audience. Best wishes and gratitude to Billy Crystal for all his hard work. What a relief. And by the way Movie Irv, why is it that your choices make so much sense, when the voters don’t always do the same? I would love to see the Oscars give the fans a few categories to present to their favorites on Oscar night. Oscar is for the industry, I know that. But some of the fans (such as you) know a thing or two about the film year. We certainly wouldn’t make some years’ voting worse. Please Irv, see what you can do.

  • Gord Jackson

    On the recent exit of Eddie Murphy from the upcoming Oscarcast – this is the sound of me not complaining.

    I cannot comment on Irv’s choices as most have still to reach my area, but I am surprised that he didnt go with Terence Mallick for his supherb direction of “Tree of Life.” It is also, to me, best picture nomination-worthy as well, a non-linear, non-main stream film that demands at least three or four viewings in contains so much.

  • Anonymous.

    My God, does anyone in the world actually take the Oscars seriously in this day and age? I certainly don’t.

  • Alfie

    Eddie Murphy was once a terrific comic and could entertain with a clean mouth. But we know what happened to that …. To Anonymous, I would say … we need better scripts, better acting, and more character-driven story-telling in movies. If there were quality productions, perhaps Anonymous could support the Oscars. Hollywood needs to look back to see what actually worked. It’s a cinch that what they put out now doesn’t. Box office doesn’t matter — they just keep raising the prices. Higher prices for inferior products, for the most part.

  • Jack Jones

    I don’t care for today’s movies and haven’t watched the Academy Awards in years.