Who’s Your Favorite 1970s Movie Vampire?


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  • Wayne P.

    Went with Klaus Kinski, but he reminds me too much of the original Nosferatu (1922′s Max Schreck) who should most definitely also be on this list and not just under ‘other’!

    • rogerscorpion

      But Shreck’s wasn’t in the 70′s. That’s specifically what this list is. Mine was Louis Jourdan, although his, Barry Atwater’s, Palance’s & Reggie Nalder’s were in TV movies. Nalder’s was actually in a miniseries. If it had said ‘favorite 70′s vampire’, instead of ‘movie vampire’, I’d not make that distinction.

      • Wayne P.

        Thanks for clarifying that point…guess when I saw Kinski, he reminded me so much of Max I just went with my gut feeling…and wish-list! ;)

    • david hartzog

      I’m for Chris Lee, but Schreck and Nosferatu are the all-time best.

  • Cara

    Frank Langella was menacing, sexy and seductive, just as Dracula should be. A wonderful actor, who has just gotten better and better.