What’s Your Favorite Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis Movie?

Last time out we wanted to know your favorite Jerry Lewis movie, and several of you wrote about Jerry’s work with Dean Martin. Well, you spoke and we listened, so here’s a poll asking for your top Martin and Lewis comedy. 

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  • wade

    not a huge fan of Martin and Lewis but love Shirley McLaine in artist and models

  • Blair Kramer

    Have you ever noticed that Jerry’s mid 60′s film “The Patsy” is more than a little reminiscent of “The Stooge?”

  • mike

    They were both great together and apart.

  • stevemelnicola

    I voted for Artists and Models but Dean and Jerry’s best work was firstly live and secondly on tv “The Colgate Comedy Hour especially the live with Dick Stabile’s orchestra sections. e.g. Jerry interrupting Dean as he ‘tries’ to sing a serious song or their song and dance numbers. The even had catch phrases on that tv show ‘I like it I like it”, ‘Don’t lick it!’, Melvin? and more. The more spontaneous environments suited them more.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    I voted for 3 Ring Circus, but I have to be honest, this is one of the hardest I have had to choose from! I have enjoyed so many of their movies, choosing only one is tough! Really good choices. 3 Ring was chosen because it gave Jerry the chance to be a clown, in full make-up! I loved the part of the movie when he chose the one child in the audience and tried to make him, more than the rest, laugh. It gave him, I think, an opportunity to really do his finest work as funny man. He was able to really shine in this role.