Create-A-Caption: Raiders of the Lost Ark

If adventure has a name, it must be…Create-A-Caption! For this week’s feature, we are focusing on the 1981 action classic Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison Ford stars as adventurer/archeologist Indiana Jones in Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ pulse-pounding tribute to the Saturday matinee serials. Indy is joined by the feisty Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) as he races against Nazi agents and longtime rival Belloq (Paul Freeman) to locate the Ark of the Covenant, an ancient religious artifact with untold powers. We’ve taken a still from one of the movie’s most memorable moments — which is really saying something given just how many iconic sequences are in the film — and given it a comedic caption. Do the same below, and watch out for snakes!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

It’s not an Oscar, but it’s close enough!
(This post originally ran in April of last year and is being reprinted today as part of our celebration of summer blockbusters).