What’s Your Favorite “Christmas-Adjacent” Movie?

We recently asked MovieFanFare readers if they thought that Die Hard was a Christmas movie. As of this writing, a whopping 57% of you did. For this is a film that is considered “Christmas-adjacent” — set during the holidays, but the story itself isn’t primarily focused on them. (See also The Apartment, Trading Places, Night of the Comet, Gremlins, and Lethal Weapon — whose writer, Shane Black, sets a huge chunk of his films at Christmastime).

For this Open Thread, we want you to share your thoughts on Christmas-adjacent films. Do you like them? Or do your tastes run more towards traditional Yuletide fare? What are some of your favorites and why?

  • http://themidnitedrive-in.blogspot.com Quiggy

    The first Lethal Weapon. The Nice Guys. And doesn’t Kiss Kiss Bang Bang have some Christmas scenes? (all coincidentally written by Black.) And then who can forget the Christmas Day fight between Rocky and Drago in Rocky IV? Personally I love movies about Christmas that don’t stuff your face with schmaltzy love thy neighbor stuff.

  • Leslie Sexton

    I love them. My favorites are Bell, Book and Candle; Trading Places and Die Hard. But I enjoy most of the others on that list too.

  • Sandy Pister

    “Die Hard” and “Love Actually.”

  • Alf Messina

    …”EYES WIDE SHUT”….’Merry Christmas, Mary!’ (Street-thug to Dr. Bill)

  • Alf Messina

    “SONG OF NORWAY”(1970) One of the few big musicals of the latter part of the golden age NOT yet given a decent DVD/Blu-ray release. Hopefully this will change now that home video rights appear to have gone from MGM to Kino Lorber. This unfairly-maligned gem, starring Florence Henderson and a charming international cast, is filled with gorgeous songs based on the compositions of Edvard Grieg. I can’t wait!