Tell Us About Your Favorite Movie Musical Songs!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an Open Thread, and we just thought of the perfect topic to get your thoughts on! With Steven Spielberg working on a remake of West Side Story (something that seems like a misguided idea at best, and movie blasphemy at worst given how much of a classic the original is), we wanted to take this opportunity to ask you what your favorite numbers are from movie musicals. Whether it be standards from Singin’ in the Rain or Oklahoma to songs from cult favorites like The Apple, The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Hedwig and the Angry Inch, we are eager to hear about the musical tunes that touched your life…and the reasons why the did. So let us know your favorite movie musical songs below, and you’ll be putting an unforgettable melody in our heart!

  • Quiggy

    My tastes range from the simplistic toe tappers to the bizarre outre. I like “Cabaret” as sung by Liza Minelli and “All That Jazz”. But I also like “Sweet Transvestite” (from Rocky Horror) and “I Am What I Am (From the La Cage Aux Folles musical)

  • TrippyTrellis

    Written for the screen: “But the World Goes ‘Round” sung by Liza Minnelli in “New York, New York”, “How Lucky Can You Get” sung by Barbra in “Funny Lady” and just about any song from “Gigi”. From a Broadway musical: nothing compares to “Tonight” from “West Side Story”, both the duet and the quintet, and “I Could Have Danced All Night” and “On the Street Were You Live” from “My Fair Lady”.

  • Marcy Nelson

    On the street where you live MY FAIR LADY I bought DVD and never get tired of watching it. Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison amazing couple amazing movie

  • mathimoor

    I like “Pore Jud is Daid” from “Oklahoma”. It has been a favorite since I was a kid and saw the musical.

    • John

      A song you can sing for laughs and pathos at the same time…and you’d better get that balance right. Find the video of Hugh Jackman and Shuler Hensley singing this in a London stage production.

      • mathimoor

        Thanks, John. I found the video on UTube and it is good. The favorite I was thinking about was Gordon MacRae and Rod Steiger in the movie musical (also on UTube). I have to say it is still my favorite. Check it out!

        • John

          That was the version I grew up with. Check out the film’s director, who was not known for musicals any more than was Robert Wise. Yet both doubtless could see the acting involved, and Wise won his two Best Director Oscars for movie musicals. Let’s see if Steven Spielberg can do that.

          • mathimoor

            Feed Zinnemann did some movies I really like and own. Robert Wise did two of biggest movie musicals ever. I would say Spielberg challenge is ON!!! By the way, another good question to ask is who makes the best remakes. Two of my faves are Martin Scorsese (eg. Cape Fear) and Warren Beatty (eg. Heaven Can Wait). Some remakes pale compared to the original. Remaking West Side Story is quite a task. We’ll see!!!

  • Jim

    Anything from The King & I

    • John

      And so say I.

  • David Alan

    Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.

  • Bernard Seto

    Definitely “I could have dance all night” from MY FAIR LADY.

  • Alf Messina

    “I’m Going Home” from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Just a beautiful song, and so moving.

  • richardpeck

    Tie between “Moses Supposes His Toeses are Roses” and “Good Morning” from my favorite musical Singin’ in the Rain

  • John

    If Steven Spielberg does not in any way try to “pay homage to” the original then what he does will stand a fighting chance (no pun intended) and introduce many more to a bona fide classic of the American musical theater. I’d like to think Rita Moreno will personally help him see to that.

    Among my favorite movie musicals is Paint Your Wagon, for reasons I still can’t quite explain outside of the cinematography. But Lee Marvin actually singing “Wandrin’ Star” should give you pause for all the right reasons.