Create-A-Caption: Parenthood

This latest Create-A-Caption is dedicated to the sleeper summer hit of 1989, Parenthood. Director Ron Howard‘s sweet, smart and sentimental ensemble comedy celebrates the eternal parent-child relationship through the ups and downs of the Buckman family: hard-working father-of-three Gil (Steve Martin), his wife Karen (Mary Steenburgen), his divorced sister Helen (Dianne Wiest), gambler younger brother Larry (Tom Hulce), and acerbic family patriarch Frank (Jason Robards). Delightful cast also includes Rick Moranis, Keanu Reeves, Martha Plimpton, and Joaquin Phoenix (billed here as Leaf Phoenix).

Released on August 2, 1989, Parenthood earned $126,000,000 at the box office, spawning two separate TV series and winning renown for its candid look at family life. We’ve taken a still from one of the film’s funniest moments and added our comment below. We encourage you to do the same in the comments. After all, we love to see you smile!

The low-budget remake of Shane was misguided, to say the least.