Create-A-Caption: Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Our summer-long tribute to blockbusters of 1989 that are celebrating their 30th anniversary continues with this week’s Create-A-Caption. Released on June 23, 1989 (the same day as Batman), Honey, I Shrunk the Kids stars the great Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski’s (Rick Moranis), an inventor whose latest device zaps his son and daughter and two neighbors down to dust mite size. As the tiny youngsters face a peril- and laugh-filled trek across their now jungle-sized backyard to see if their dad can restore them to normal, hilarity ensues. A sleeper it upon its release, it — along with The Little Mermaid — helped give Walt Disney Studios a hugely successful 1989. The film spawned several sequels as well as a TV spin-off that ran three seasons.

Three decades later and the film — which marked Joe Johnston‘s directorial debut — hasn’t lost any of its ability to enchant audiences. We’ve taken a still from the film and given it the Create-A-Caption treatment below. See if you can invent huge laughs by doing the same in the comments!

Well would you look at that! There really are more marshmallows in every bite!
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