Poll: What’s Your Favorite Doris Day Movie?

Another legend is gone.

Actress, singer and activist Doris Day has died at the age of 97 following a bout with pneumonia. We will be celebrating her life and legacy throughout the week here on MovieFanFare and we hope you’ll join us in remembering her. Vote for your favorite of her films in the below poll, and be sure to tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments!

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  • Joan

    Love me or leave me was an awesome movie!!!

  • Candy Firchow

    Do Not Disturb with Rod Taylor is my favorite Doris movie.

  • Rick Clark

    Never was a big Doris Day can until I saw “Midnight Lace”.Good performance vs Rex Harrisons creepy character.

  • Michael Boyd

    Loved her in The Winning Team with Ronald Reagan 👍

  • Melissa Blubaugh

    Pillow Talk and Moonlight Bay!

  • mathimoor

    I always liked “Julie” where she plays a terrified wife being murdered by her husband (Louis Jourdan) and “The Winning Team” where she plays the wife of baseball player Grover Cleveland Alexander (Ronald Reagan). She was wonderful and I enjoyed all of her movies.

  • speedle24

    This lady always had so much energy on screen. She was quite a personality.

  • rocky-o

    my favorite film of hers is ‘teacher’s pet’…

  • Bernard Seto

    My favorite Doris Day movie is LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME, this movie utilized Doris’ acting and singing talents.

  • tony vega

    pillow talk


    THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH – showed her great acting ability. She really meant what she was doing.

  • Lennie Alexander

    Send me no flowers and pillow talk

  • Joseph23006

    “Love Me or Leave Me’, really great songs and an excellent plot!

  • FRank Gordon Guerrasio

    Love Me Or Leave Me. Unjustly, no Oscar nomination !

  • PetMom

    Love Me or Leave Me!

  • http://www.truthminers.com/ Truth Lady

    Love Me or Leave Me – her best performance

  • Rick

    Teacher’s Pet. Clark Gable’s reaction as Mamie Van Doren bumps and grinds her way thru “I’m the Girl Who Invented Rock and Roll” is priceless.

  • jpp452

    My favourite … “It Happened to Jane (1959).” As always, Ernie Kovacs, as railroad tycoon Harry Foster Malone, was superb. He is also less over-the-top than usual. Jack Lemmon, in a semi-dramatic role, gives a town hall speech that should be played in every school. Nevertheless, his comedic chops are important when dealing with Jane’s determination to beat both City Hall and Big Business. And Doris, as Jane Osgood, mother of two (plus a lobster), demonstrates conclusively she doesn’t have to be glamorous to be supremely beautiful. It is also a rare story, for the 1950s, of a spunky woman in business for herself overcoming adversity with the odds stacked against her.

    Of those listed, I liked Doris best in the musical “The Pajama Game” because she could really sing! She was the only replacement to the original Broadway cast. The filming of this great show is too stagey, but it is also such a great show that it overcomes the uninspired direction.

  • TLC

    My favorite Doris Day Movies are the ones with Gordon MacRae On moonlight Bay and By the Light Of the silvery moon.

  • TLC

    My favorite Doris Day Movies are the ones with Gordon MacRae On moonlight Bay and By the Light Of the silvery moon and Tea for two! They had such wonderful chemistry.

  • Mark Wanek

    I loved her in Teacher’s Pet opposite Clark Gable.

  • theadjucator

    My favorite DD movie came out in the early 1950s — Storm Warning, with Ginger Rogers, Ronald Reagan, and Steve Cochran. It wasn’t a musical, but the story of a young married woman (Day) whose sister (Rogers) comes to visit and sees the young woman’s husband drag a man from jail with a bunch of other members of the KKK and they murder the prisoner.

  • richardpeck

    Romance on the High Seas, her first movie I believe, she is the picture of bright-eyed innocence, in my favorite scene calling the Warner Brothers music director a genius, as he nods sagely