Create-A-Caption: The Wizard of Oz

With The Wizard of Oz celebrating its 80th anniversary this week, the movie will once again be thrilling audiences. Not that it ever stopped. Since 1939, the beloved musical adaptation of L. Frank Baum‘s childhood favorite continues to prove its worth as the most engaging fantasy film ever. This week’s Create-A-Caption features the film’s characters Dorothy (Judy Garland) and the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger). We’ve taken a still featuring the pair and added a comedic caption. Be like the Scarecrow and use your brain to create your own caption below!

Your hair is so beautiful! Be thankful that you don’t have split ends like I do!
This post originally ran in January and is being reprinted in honor of the film’s 80th anniversary!

  • Quiggy

    Of course I could be President! After all I’ve got more brains than the last four of them combined.

  • Steven Malham

    It’s a good thing George Cukor decided you’d look better with your hair dyed this perfect shade of red and with flowing hair and bows rather than braided pigtails!

  • John

    “What was the part in the middle?”