Throwback Thursday: Tell Us About Your Favorite Film Songs!

“You must remember this:
A kiss is just a kiss,
A sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by…”

Movies and music. It’s the most joyful symbiotic relationship in pop culture. Just as films have changed the way we view life and the world, so do the songs featured in motion pictures. Just imagine a world without “As Time Goes By,” “The Rainbow Connection,” “Over the Rainbow,” or “Footloose.” (Okay, maybe that last one is kind of easy). The point I’m making here is that the way movies utilize songs is something that is truly magical, and these tunes have touched all of our lives.

For this Open Thread, we want you to sound off on what songs from films are your favorites and why. Mind you, we aren’t talking about film scores here, as that is a question for another day. Looking over AFI’s 100 Greatest Songs in Movies list is a fascinating experience, as it helps to further illustrate how these unforgettable tunes shape our culture. But your favorite movie song could be from an obscure film that is underappreciated by critics and doesn’t get the recognition that you feel it deserves. So take some time this weekend, throw on your favorite movie soundtrack, and share with us the songs that changed your life — from out of the cinema and into your hearts!

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This article originally ran last year and is being reprinted as this week’s Throwback Thursday post, celebrating the best articles from MovieFanFare’s first decade!

  • Quiggy

    I assume you are not looking for something like “Lesbian Seagull”…

    One of my personal favorites is “I Can Dream About You”, a song that went to #6 on the Billboard charts, but I bet 90% of the people who bought the single couldn’t even tell you the name of the movie it was in. Much less went to see the movie. (The movie was “Streets of Fire” just to save you the time of cheating and Googling it…) It was one of my favorite movies from 1984.

  • John

    The one and only time the Academy Awards ANGERED me was when “When She Loved Me” from Toy Story 2 didn’t get the statuette. No, I didn’t lose a bet…

  • Trippy Trellis

    My all-time favorite is “Isn’t It Romantic?” from 1932’s “Love Me Tonight”. My second favorite is 1949’s “My Foolish Heart”.