Don’t Miss These Burt Reynolds Favorites That Are Now Available!

For awhile in the 1970s and ’80s, Burt Reynolds was unstoppable. And even when his box office mojo cooled off a bit, he still made films that were crowd-pleasers. Some of his films that underperformed in theaters during their original run have found a second life on home video over the years. And now, three of these gems — featuring several of his frequent collaborators like Brian Keith and Sally Field— are now available via the Warner Archive Collection, giving audiences an opportunity to catch the mustached legend in his prime. Give these Reynolds flicks a once over, and we think you’ll agree that they show off what a talented and versatile actor he really is!

Sharky’s Machine

A sting gone wrong got Atlanta narcotics cop Tom Sharky (Burt Reynolds, who directed) busted down to vice. However, as his investigations into a high-end prostitution ring uncover corruption in the seat of local government, he and his new crew of also-ran detectives might be lucky if they make it to retirement. Action-laden crime thriller from the William Diehl novel co-stars Rachel Ward, Vittorio Gassman, Brian Keith, Bernie Casey, Earl Holliman, Richard Libertini.

Stroker Ace

About the only thing that arrogant NASCAR vet Stoker Ace (Burt Reynolds) couldn’t out-race was his own ego…and after his exasperated corporate sponsor let him go, the only interested taker was fried chicken magnate Clyde Torkel (Ned Beatty). As the fine print forced Stroker into personal appearances wearing a chicken suit, can he possibly find a loophole to drive through? Hal Needham’s fast-paced farce co-stars Loni Anderson, Jim Nabors, Bubba Smith, Parker Stevenson.


The unglamorous and dangerous life of Hollywood stuntmen is portrayed in this comedy from star Burt Reynolds and director Hal Needham (two former stuntmen themselves). Burt plays Sonny Hooper, the industry’s premier trick driver, whose body has seen better days and who is roped into performing one last death-defying stunt by a young up-and-comer (Jan-Michael Vincent). With Sally Field, Brian Keith.

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