Tell Us Which Popular Movies and/or Actors You Never Understood the Appeal Of!

Okay, it’s unpopular opinion time: I really don’t get the movie Beetlejuice. Don’t get me wrong, I think Tim Burton is a great director — especially with his underrated works like Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow, and Big Fish — and this film’s cast is excellent. But something about it never quite connected with me. Maybe it’s the overly broad title performance by Michael Keaton (an actor I love, by the way), or perhaps it is the garish production design the film employs. But, try though I have, I just can’t get into it.

We all have certain films and actors we dislike, but when said movie or star seems unappealing to us on a personal level, we almost instinctively recoil in disinterest. Sometimes we have very specific reasons why we don’t like actors or films. For example, I don’t like Jim Carrey because he always seems to try to hard and his rubber-faced shtick and over-the-top persona I find so wearying. But other times, the reasons aren’t so clear. (Which is why I’ve never quite been able to properly articulate my negative feelings towards Leonardo DiCaprio‘s work, although most people love him).

But these are just my individual, personal opinions, and don’t by any means represent those of this website or its affiliates. And as I mentioned earlier, we all have actors and films we don’t like…even if the reasons why we don’t like them feel vague and malformed. All this said, here’s your chance to sound off about what movies and actors that are universally beloved that, for whatever reason, you don’t like. So take the time out this weekend and let us know all about this in the comments. It will be interesting to hear what you think. Just remember, these are YOUR opinions. So if someone doesn’t like your favorite movie or actor, that’s okay, but we ask you not to respond to others’ dislikes and try to change their minds.

There are always popular movies and actors you just don’t get. Here’s a place to sound off about them. Have fun!

This article originally ran last year and is being reprinted as part of our ongoing tenth anniversary celebrations

  • Quiggy

    There’s no accounting for taste. Or lack thereof. I mentioned before that I think Will Farrell movies are stupid and unappealing. But even actors I don’t like sometimes hit the right marks. I cannot stand most Kevin Costner movies, but I did like him in Silverado. As far as to why I don’t like Costner? His damn movies go on forever. I remember sitting in the theater for The Postman and kept looking at my watch wondering how much longer this damn movie was going to last. Can he possibly make a movie that doesn’t require you to take a vacation to watch it? I like The Untouchables, but if Robert De Niro weren’t in it, I doubt I would.

    • rogerscorpion

      Costner should never play a man of action, but I loved his Gary Cooper-esque turns in Bull Durham & Field of Dreams. He’s the Everyman. I agree about Will Ferrell.

      • Steve Nichols

        What about Open Range? I loved that one.

        • rogerscorpion

          Me, too, but Jimmy Stewart also had exceptions. Action was not his forte. Even his westerns were deeply psychological.

    • momcat1948

      OOOOOOH! Can’t stand Costner. So far I haven’t seen any talent at all in any of his movies and you are sooooo right that they seem to go on forever. Give me a break….3 hours for ‘Dancing With Wolves’ seems like 3 days. (I have had to sit through the movie more than once because my husband seems to like to watch it, but, oddly enough, can never seem to remember what it is about from one time to the next. Go figure!)

  • speedle24

    I agree with Quiggy. There is nothing funny about Will Farrell. But I think Beetlejuice is one of the best Keaton roles and the absolute best production of Burton. It actually makes me laugh every time I view it.

    On the other hand there is something about Matt Damon’s personality that just doesn’t allow me to get into his work. The only thing passable that he was in was “The Departed”, and that was primarily because of the first teamers he worked with like Nicholson, DiCaprio and Wahlberg.

  • Steve Nichols

    I cannot see why everybody makes such a fuss over Jack Nicholson, although I admit he did a fantastic job as The Joker, second only to Heath Ledger. I thought Easy Rider was dumb (the whole picture, so can’t put all the blame on Nicholson), and as far as I’m concerned, he ruined The Shining (Here’s Johnny! – feh)
    I saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest twice off-Broadway; once with Lane Smith playing the McMurphy role, and once with Kevin Conway in the part. Both performances made Nicholson look sick.
    He was good in A Few Good Men – but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Carl Ed Moore

    I cant Sand Will Farrell!! the man is a HORRIBLE actor and thrives on “pathetic humor”!! the Elf movie was a sham, Bewitched was sickening and lets not forget that puke inducing figure skating film!! Will Farrell is the WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • williamsommerwerck

    Beetlejuice “works” because the characters are (in context) believable people we can understand. It also helps to have a warped sense of humor. One of the reasons a lot of people are confused is that the “logic” and rules of the afterlife are never made clear.

  • Agingcourt

    Johnny Depp, Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp!! Hugely overrated.

    • momcat1948

      I agree. How much talent does is take to dress in a stupid costume and act like an idiot.

  • momcat1948

    Tom Hanks! I didn’t like him in the idiotic “Bosom Buddies” and nothing I have seen him in since has changed my mind.

  • laustcawz

    How much time have you got? Sharon Stone & Keanu Reeves come to mind immediately. Julia Roberts(???) Almost the entire “Star Wars” phenomenon (except I do love Mel Brooks’ parody “Spaceballs”) & I love science fiction if I think it’s impressive (among my faves are “Primer”, “Alien” & also (though the original TV series is the only one I really love), “Star Trek”. Let’s see…more stuff that I don’t get…Will Ferrell????? How is this guy even in “entertainment”????!!! Tyler Perry. Jennifer Lopez. Oh, yeah–“The Big Lebowski”–sucks eggs & that’s really saying a lot, because most of the cast members are among my all-time faves–Buscemi, Goodman, Moore, Turturro, even Bridges has done great work & I love some of the Coens’ films, but this is the low point for everyone involved. I could go on & on, but I think I’ll stop now.

  • Bryan Ruffin

    Wil Ferrel; I have never understood how the man keeps getting role after role! My opinion is the man is worthless as an actor, the exception being Elf.