Tell Us About the Best And/Or Worst Horror Films You’ve Ever Seen!

As October rolls on towards Halloween, I (probably like many of you) find more and more of my free time spent watching horror movies. Certain flicks are perennial favorites: Halloween, Creepshow, Psycho, the original Dawn of the Dead, Carnival of Souls, etc. Each year however, I try to check out a horror film I haven’t seen before…with mixed results. (Which is why I will never, ever watch Microwave Massacre again, although you may actually enjoy the low-budget goofball thrills of that one).

Here’s a challenge for you then: For this week’s Open Thread I want you to tell me in the comments what the best and/or (although preferably both) horror movies that you’ve ever seen are and why! I can’t wait to learn about which movies get you screaming and shivering, and what ones are only horrific in how bad they are! Have fun, I’m looking forward to your responses! Bwahahahaha!

This post originally ran last year and has been reprinted as part of our 31 Days of Halloween celebrations.