This Week in Film History, 10.26.14

October 31, 1925: France’s star of silent slapstick comedy Max Linder, 41, and his young wife are found dead in a Paris hotel, victims of an apparent suicide pact.

October 27, 1928: The Paramount talking short The Dancing Town, with Helen Hayes, marks the film debut of a Broadway stage actor named Humphrey Bogart.

October 30, 1948: A major shift in the shape of the film industry begins as RKO becomes the first major to split off its theater ownership from its production wing.

October 27, 1955: Less than a month after stars James Dean’s shocking auto crash death, his iconic teen angst drama Rebel Without a Cause opens

October 31, 1962: Screen divas Joan Crawford and Bette Davis’ feud on (and off) the screen fuels the horrific black comedy What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

November 1, 1962Shane star Alan Ladd is found lying in a pool of blood with a bullet wound near his heart; he’ll later tell police the self-inflicted shooting was accidental.

November 1, 1967: The popularity of screen “anti-heroes” continues with the arrival of Cool Hand Luke, starring Paul Newman as a prisoner with a “failure to communicate.”

October 30, 1968: ’20s and ’30s “Latin Lover” Ramon Novarro, 69, is beaten and murdered in his Laurel Canyon home by two brothers.

November 1, 1968: The MPAA’s self-imposed ratings system goes into effect. They are: G (General Audiences), M (Mature Audiences), R (Restricted), X (Over 18 Only).

October 26, 1984: Bodybuilder-turned-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career takes off when he opts to play the villainous cyborg in James Cameron’s The Terminator.

October 28, 1986: Paul Newman returns to the role he played 25 years earlier in The Hustler, pool shark “Fast Eddie” Felson, in The Color of Money.

October 29, 2004: Horror movie fans are put to the test–as are the on-screen victims–with the debut of the graphic psychological shocker Saw.

November 1, 2006: Actress/filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, 40, whose seriocomedy Waitress would be released the following year, is found murdered in her Manhattan apartment.