Tom Hanks: Overrated or Underrated?

You loved him in Forrest Gump. Or you hated everything about Forrest Gump. You cheered when he won his first Academy Award for Philadelphia. Or you thought the great Daniel Day-Lewis got gypped.

You thought he was fabulous in Cloud Atlas. Or you left the theater wondering what all the fuss was about.

Tom Hanks: Overrated…or underrated? Movie Irv renders his verdict:

Maybe you’ve been a Tom fan since Bosom Buddies, or perhaps you’ve been defending Joe Versus the Volcano since you can remember; you may have been ragging on Hanks ever since Dragnet and Turner & Hooch, or you may think the star of Nothing in Common, Punchline, and Catch Me If You Can has plenty earned his illustrious reputation, thank you very much. Have your say now that Irv’s had his!