Randolph Scott Rides Again In New Releases on DVD

Decision at Sundown (1957) starring Randolph ScottIn the late 1950s, Randolph Scott collaborated with director Budd Boetticher, resulting in the most enduringly acclaimed projects on Randy’s resume. Western fans are seeing collectible DVD releases, and in some cases, re-releases of those Scott oaters made at Columbia Pictures:

Decision at Sundown (1957)

Top-notch psychological sagebrusher stars Randolph Scott as a mysterious gunman who takes over a small town and quickly goes to work trying to kill one of its residents. It’s discovered that Scott’s target was responsible for stealing his wife years before, and it’s revenge time. Budd Boetticher directs; with John Carroll, Karen Steele.

Buchanan Rides Alone (1958)

Texas drifter Randolph Scott made a poor choice to lay over in a corrupt little town, as he gets caught between two warring factions of the family that runs the place. He gets even as he leverages their greed into all-out combat. The lightest in tone of the sagebrushers Scott made for director Budd Boetticher co-stars Craig Stevens, Barry Kelley, Tol Avery.

Ride Lonesome (1959)

Bounty hunter Randolph Scott sets out with a young widow and two reformed outlaws to capture a wanted killer, but none of them know Scott’s real motive: to bring the killer’s brother, who murdered his wife, out of hiding. Fine frontier drama also stars James Best, Lee Van Cleef, Pernell Roberts, Karen Steele, James Coburn; Budd Boetticher directs.

Comanche Station (1960)

After spending 10 years searching for his wife, who was kidnapped by Indians, cowboy Randolph Scott rescues a settler’s wife who has been captured by the Comanche. On the way home, the pair encounters a trio of outlaws planning to kill Scott and return the woman to her husband for the reward money. With Claude Akins, Nancy Gates; Budd Boetticher (“The Tall T”) directs.

And coming soon, is The Tall T (1957) which offers a psychological study with Randolph Scott as a rancher taken captive with a newlywed couple by a gang of outlaws. Richard Boone, Maureen O’Sullivan co-star… more on The Tall T in the future.

Scott also starred in westerns with other classic directors that are surfacing on DVD as well:Frontier Marshal (1939) starring Randolph Scott

Frontier Marshal (1939)

Randolph Scott plays lawman Wyatt Earp to Cesar Romero’s Doc Holliday in this rousing retelling of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Great B-western, directed by Allan Dwan; Fox and John Ford would give the same story the “A” treatment eight short years later in “My Darling Clementine.” Nancy Kelly, John Carradine, Ward Bond, Binnie Barnes co-star.

The Nevadan (1950)

Randolph Scott stars as a marshal who teams with a robber to stop a nasty rancher from recovering $250,000 in stolen loot. As the unlikely pair tries to complete their shared mission and fight the bad guy and his gang, they must also square off against each other–resulting in plenty of thrills and action. Western winner co-stars Dorothy Malone, Forrest Tucker, Frank Faylen, George Macready.


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