Ask Movie Irv: Do You Believe in the Auteur Theory?

Movie fans around the world have something to thank the French for (besides the movie Betty Blue): Ever since the magazine Cahiers du Cinéma promoted the idea that film directors such as Howard Hawks and Alfred Hitchcock, due to the very distinctive and identifiable style of their work, could be designated as the sole “authors” of their films—an assertion with which American critic Andrew Sarris agreed, classifying the controversial argument as the auteur theory—cineastes everywhere have argued endlessly over the idea.

Is the theory legitimate? Are movies artworks for which directors can or should be credited with birthing by virtue of their visions alone? Or, is cinema a more collaborative and industrial enterprise where every craftsperson’s talents are as integral to the whole as the man (or woman) calling “action”? For some, this question has an easy answer. For others, the truth is more complex. Let’s Ask Movie Irv:

Agreed? Disagreed? Irv is itching to answer another question. Take on his point of view and then give him another meaty, movie-related question to chew on: