Jaws Disco: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back To The Dance Floor

Back in 1976, Jaws-related mania had so impacted every aspect of modern life that you weren’t even free from the feeding frenzy on the dance floor. Just when you thought you were safe at the disco came Lalo Schifrin‘s dance version of John Williams’ iconic Jaws theme.

Man, the 1970s were weird. And fantastic.

Anyway, to promote the track, the UK chart show Top of the Pops had their in-house dance troupe, Legs & Co, do an interpretive dance to the song. The results are as goofy as can be expected, and thanks to the wonders of YouTube, it has been captured for posterity. The craziest thing about all of this? It’s not even remotely the silliest disco version of a popular movie theme (Alien anyone?), but that is a post for another day…

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This article originally ran on MovieFanFare last year, we are reprinting it in honor of celebrating our “sharkives” this Shark Week.