Monthly Archives: March 2018

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Sends This Week’s New Releases Into Hyperdrive

The Force is with movie lovers this week, as the latest entry in the Star Wars saga is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray! That is obviously the biggest release right now (if not this year to date), and accompanying…

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Poll: What’s Your Favorite Movie Based on a Video Game?

With Steven Spielberg‘s visually stunning adaptation of Ernest Cline’s best-seller Ready Player One hitting theaters and a Tomb Raider reboot now playing, we wanted to get your thoughts on what your favorite movie based on a video game is. Sound…

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How Many of These Recent DVDs and Blu-rays Have You Seen?

Whoosh! The minutes, hours, and days fly by so quickly in our fast-paced society that free time is as at premium. If you are a regular MovieFanFare reader, it’s probably a safe assumption that you enjoy watching films during your…

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