Bud and Lou, or Stan and Ollie?

Previously, we litigated that ever-popular source of fanboy debate, Star Trek or Star Wars.

The old “Chaplin vs. Keaton” war you’ll find in the dictionary of idioms under beating a dead horse, but there are yet other avenues to explore when it comes to just how subjective comedy is and how there may be different fan camps for comic screen stars aiming to please the same crowd.

Maybe you love the Marxes and loathe the Stooges. Maybe you’re always up for a Little Rascals but couldn’t care less about the East Side Kids. Let’s hear from Irv now if he has a preference between the vintage comedy of Abbott and Costello vis-à-vis the antics of Laurel and Hardy:

Do you find one team irresistible with the other leaving you stone-faced? A fan of both? Think neither duo quite as amusing as Cheech and Chong? Tell us who tickles your funnybones best.