Monthly Archives: February 2010

Keye Luke: Number One Chan Man

One of the most thankless recurring roles in movies must have been as one of Charlie Chan’s would-be detective offspring. After all, how many ways can an actor say “Gee whiz, pop!”? For the venerable Keye Luke, however, playing “number-one son” Lee…

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Joe Pesci And My Cousin Vinny

A radio personality in Philadelphia was recently reviewing the work of Joe Pesci.   He ignored Pesci’s comedic roles, instead focusing on his many “mob” turns in films such as Casino and Goodfellas.  Big mistake.  Pesci has played many funny characters,…

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This Week In Film History 02-14-10

February 18, 1913: The Edison Film Co. introduces its synchronized film-phonograph Kinetoscope process for showing “sound films” in New York. February 14, 1927: Director Alfred Hitchcock first tries his hand at suspense with The Lodger, based on the Jack the…

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