Ethan Hawke Discusses His Cinematic Influences on “The Movies That Made Me”

One of the many reasons that Josh Olson and Joe Dante‘s The Movies That Made Me is a perennial podcast favorite is how it lands some truly astonishing guests. Case in point, this week’s appearance by Ethan Hawke. Fresh off his unsettling performance in The Black Phone, Hawke — whose friendship with Dante goes to back to his film debut in 1985’s Explorers — opens up about his career and the movies that left a profound impact on his creative approach. Hawke is one of Hollywood’s most reliably talented and charismatic actors, and in this episode you truly get a sense of who the individual behind the enigma truly is. We recommend that you listen to this installment to truly appreciate not only Hawke’s insights but the work that Olson and Dante put in to making The Movies That Made Me nothing short of a Valentine to cinema. As always, you can find all of the titles mentioned within this episode at Movies Unlimited’s Companion Page for the show. Happy listening!