What’s Your Favorite Beach Party Movie?

Back to the Beach

There’s nothing quite like a beach party movie!

The release of the 1987 sleeper comedy hit Back to the Beach (starring the legendary Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon and featuring cameos from everyone from Bob Denver to Pee-Wee Herman) on a limited edition Paramount Presents Blu-ray this week has me thinking about the fun nostalgia of that most underrated of movie genres — the beach party flick.

A cinematic staple of the 1960s, these movies are packed with cool stars, great songs and a fun, energetic vibe that is nothing short of infectious. From Beach Blanket Bingo to Bikini Beach to, of course, Beach Party, each of these efforts is a fun and lightweight diversion from the troubles of everyday life. And isn’t that the type of film you just want to watch from time to time?

With this summer slowly vanishing into memory, we want to know what your favorite beach movies are! Tell us in the comments below, and hey look, surf’s up!