Guillermo del Toro Guest Stars on “The Movies That Made Me”

The podcast The Movies That Made Me is always a triumphant celebration of cinema. Hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante showcase industry veterans, newcomers and legends alike on their program, and it is the latter category that takes center stage this week as their guest is Academy Award-winning writer/director Guillermo del Toro. Best known for his celebrated work on acclaimed pictures like Pan’s Labryinth, The Shape of Water, and the recent Nightmare Alley del Toro is a notable film lover himself and a entertaining conversationalist, which means listening to him mix things up with Josh and Joe in a lovefest for the movies (and how the impact our lives) is an unparalleled listening experience.

The latest episode features an abundance of titles mentioned, all of which can be found at Movies Unlimited’s landing page for the episode. Think of it as a reference guide to all the great films mentioned in the conversation with de Toro!