Director Martin Campbell Stops By “The Movies That Made Me”

GoldenEye, The Mask of Zorro, Casino Royale, Green Lantern. These are but a few of the films that New Zealand director Martin Campbell has brought to cinemas across the globe. With such a background in genre films, he is in many ways the perfect guest for Josh Olson and Joe Dante‘s acclaimed podcast The Movies That Made Me. In a special episode of the show that was just released (and that you can hear above), Campbell takes time out from his busy schedule to discuss a variety of the films that he loves.

Having directed a number of hits and being a fan of a variety of movies spanning the course of film history, Campbell name drops an impressive number of works that he feels have shaped his cinematic career. All of the titles mentioned in this new installment are spotlighted in Movies Unlimited’s companion page for the show, which you can find here.