Documentarian Senain Kheshgi Visits “The Movies That Made Me”

Documentaries are arguably the most important type of films in that they reflect true stories about the range of the human experience back at us. Entering show business in the 1970s as the first South Asian American to appear on Sesame Street, independent filmmaker, documentarian and producer Senain Kheshgi is an expert on how the art of the documentary can be a transformative experience for viewer and creator alike. (As evidenced by her work on the acclaimed ESPN doc The Diplomat).

In the just-released episode of the podcast The Movies That Made Us, Kheshgi discusses her approach to her craft with show hosts Josh Olson and Joe Dante as viewed through the prism of a discussion of the various works that shaped her career. Here Kheshgi discusses a wide range of releases, from the beloved documentary Hoop Dreams to the gritty realism of The French Connection.

You can check out a complete overview of the titles mentioned in the episode at Movies Unlimited’s website. We encourage you to listen for a deeper understanding of how artisans bring true life drama to the movie screen.