Liam Neeson in “The Marksman” Leads the Latest New Releases

Welcome to a new week full of stunning Blu-ray and DVD releases! The latest bunch of new releases include recent theatrical releases, archival favorites from the Criterion Collection, the Warner Archive and Shout Factory, cult classics making their HD debuts, TV offerings (both classic and contemporary), and so much more. Here are the hottest titles that are now awaiting a cherished place in your physical media library!

The Marksman (2021)

On the run from a Mexican drug cartel, Rosa (Teresa Ruiz) and her 11-year-old son Miguel (Jacob Perez) wind up at the Arizona home of reclusive rancher and former Marine sharpshooter Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson). When the wounded Rosa dies, Hanson becomes Miguel’s unlikely guardian as he attempts to get the boy to Chicago, putting his expertise with firearms to use against a team of deadly assassins. Katheryn Winnick, Juan Pablo Raba co-star in this exciting actioner.

The Mauritanian (2021)

In the wake of 9/11, Mohamedou Ould Salahi (Tahar Rahim), who’d had involvement with Al Qaeda in the early ‘90s, submitted to his homeland authorities for questioning. He’d be rendered to Guantanamo, and his 14 years in detention without charge–as well as the jousts over his fate between defense counsel Nancy Hollander (Jodie Foster) and military prosecutor Stuart Couch (Benedict Cumberbatch)–are memorably limned in this take on Salahi’s memoir “Guantanamo Diary.” Shailene Woodley, Zachary Levi co-star.

Land (2021)

Robin Wright stars (and makes her feature directorial debut) in this stirring drama that focuses on Edee Mathis, a woman who drops out of society and goes to live in the Wyoming wilderness in the wake of a devastating tragedy. Desiring only to be alone, Edee nevertheless finds some comfort in an unexpected, unlikely friendship with local hunter Miguel (Demián Bichir), who’s dealt with his fair share of emotional pain as well. With Sarah Dawn Pledge, Kim Dickens.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (Criterion Collection)(1982)

Adapted from Cameron Crowe’s book, this funny and insightful comedy provides a glimpse into Southern California teen life from high school to the mall as seen through the eyes of several very different students. Highlighted by Sean Penn’s performance as stoned surfer dude Jeff Spicoli, the cast also includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Phoebe Cates, and Ray Walston; look for Nicolas Cage, Anthony Edwards, Eric Stoltz, and Forest Whitaker in early roles; directed by Amy Heckerling.

Merrily We Go to Hell (Criterion Collection)(1932)

Heiress Joan Prentice (Sylvia Sidney) was charmed enough by handsome but hard-drinking reporter Jerry Corbett (Fredric March) to steer him to the altar. She believed that she could get him to embrace his dream of being a playwright–and to let go of the bottle–but her plans seem destined to end in heartbreak. Pre-Code meller co-stars Adrianne Allen, George Irving, and, in a small early role, Cary Grant; Dorothy Arzner directs.

Bachelor in Paradise (1961)

His racy guidebooks on how to score around the globe got Adam Niles (Bob Hope) a lot of cash…and a lot of tax trouble. Looking to recoup, he quietly rented in an upscale California suburb to research a volume on the mating habits of the young marrieds there. On the upside, he fell for his single and sympathetic landlady (Lana Turner)…on the down, he’ll face an army of angry husbands when his cover’s blown. Romantic romp co-stars Janis Paige, Paula Prentiss, and Jim Hutton.

John Wayne: 14-Movie Collection

This 14-disc collection of John Wayne favorites includes Hondo (1953), Island in the Sky (1953), The High and the Mighty (1954), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), Hatari! (1962), Donovan’s Reef (1963), McLintock! (1963), In Harm’s Way (1965), The Sons of Katie Elder (1965), and El Dorado (1967).

Justice Society: World War II (2021)

Back when his career as the Flash was dawning, Barry Allen (voiced by Matt Bomer) discovered that his speed powers would let him traverse time itself. Unfortunately, he wound up stuck in ‘40s Europe–and having to do battle with Hitler’s military alongside such first-generation superheroes as Wonder Woman (Stana Katic), Hawkman (Omid Abtahi), Black Canary (Elysia Rotaru), Hourman (Matthew Mercer), and the original Flash (Armen Taylor) before he could return home, in this animated opus.

King Kong (Collector’s Edition)(1976)

Dino De Laurentis-produced updating of the 1933 classic stars Jeff Bridges as Jack Prescott, an anti-establishment paleontologist who stows away on a petroleum-scouting expedition to a newly discovered Pacific island that is home to the titular giant primate. Jessica Lange (in her film debut) co-stars as down-and-out actress Dwan, who becomes the object of Kong’s affections. With Charles Grodin, Rene Auberjonois.

Taking a Shot at Love (2021)

With the lack of progress from a severe ankle injury threatening his career, pro hockey player Ryan (Luke MacFarlane) was open to anything–including when his agent set up a meet with his cousin Jenna (Alexa PenaVega), a ballet teacher who came back from a similar trauma. With business flagging, she’s in no position to refuse…and the skeptical jock comes to appreciate the discipline, and his tutor even more. Hallmark entry co-stars Nolen Dubuc, Heather-Claire Nortey, Andrew Dunbar.

Pixie (2020)

Pixie O’Brien (Olivia Cooke) wanted out of Northern Ireland, and was gobsmacked when her hood boyfriend paid the price of relieving corrupt priest/ex-IRA Father Hector McGrath (Alec Baldwin) of a fortune in MDMA. She wants in on the action when two locals (Ben Hardy, Daryl McCormack) who stumble on the stash try to move it, spurring her gangster stepdad (Colm Meaney) to try and rescue her from the pusher padre’s wrath. Crackling caper comedy co-stars Chris Walley, Fra Fee.

Horizons West (1952)

Back home in Texas and embittered by his Civil War experience, Dan Hammond (Robert Ryan) is looking for faster and easier cash than maintaining the homestead. Through force and graft, he manages to build a land empire, but his ambition brings him into conflict with Austin’s new marshal…who just happens to be his brother (Rock Hudson). Saddle saga co-stars Julia Adams, Raymond Burr, James Arness; Budd Boetticher directs.

Quantez (1957)

As a pack of robbers makes their way to the Mexican border with their ill-gotten gains, their topkick (Fred MacMurray) orders one final night’s rest in the all-but-deserted town of Quantez. Their plans for spending the loot might have to wait–perhaps permanently–as they’ve camped in the path of an Indian raid. Dorothy Malone, Sydney Chaplin, John Gavin, Michael Ansara also star.

Shrek (20th Anniversary Edition)(2001)

The fairy tale world mined by Disney films for decades gets turned on its ear in this hit computer-animated romp from Dreamworks. In order to rid his swampland home of the exiled fantasy characters overrunning it, a green-skinned, anti-social ogre named Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers) makes a deal with nasty Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) to rescue a princess (Cameron Diaz) held captive in a dragon-guarded castle. Joining Shrek on his comical quest is a wisecracking donkey named Donkey (Eddie Murphy).

All About the Benjamins (Shout Selects)(2002)

“Next Friday” stars Ice Cube and Mike Epps reteam for a rousing and funny actioner in which Cube is Miami bounty hunter Tyson Bucum, in hot pursuit of fast-talking, bail-jumping con Reggie Wright (Epps). When the pair accidentally stumbles upon a diamond heist in a warehouse, they decide to put aside their differences and rip off the crooks, who are already in possession of Reggie’s wallet…and the winning lottery ticket inside. Roger Guenveur Smith, Carmen Chaplin, Eva Mendes, Tommy Flanagan also star.

Dead to Me: Season Two (2020)

Having lost her husband to a hit and run, Southern California realtor Jen Harding (Christina Applegate) readily gave herself over to bitter cynicism. Trying a grief support group, she finds inspiration and fast friendship from the upbeat Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini). Things will get dicey if she ever learns that Judy, in reality, was dumped by a very much alive fiancé (James Marsden)–and is also the driver who widowed her. Pitch-dark Netflix dramedy also stars Max Jenkins, Sam McCarthy, Luke Roessler. All 10 episodes of the second season are included in this two-disc set.

Man With a Camera: The Complete Series

Before gaining fame as a big-screen gunman, Charles Bronson did a different kind of shooting in this 1958-60 ABC drama, his only starring TV series role. Bronson played former World War II combat photographer Mike Kovac, now a New York City-based freelancer always ready with his cameras to capture the important news events and baffling crime scenes no one else could. All 29 episodes of the series are included in this two-disc set.

Senior Moment (2021)

Heading for the stars was well in the rear view mirror, but retired astronaut Victor Martin (William Shatner) could still pilot his vintage Porsche around Palm Springs–at least, until he wiped out drag racing. The misery of trying to reclaim car and license gets alleviated when he meets feisty Caroline Summers (Jean Smart) on the bus…and he finds his life on a different trajectory. Sweet sunset-years story co-stars Christopher Lloyd, Esai Morales, Katrina Bowden, Beth Littleford.

The Reason I Jump (2020)

Nonverbal autistic teenager Naoki Higashida’s best-selling 2007 account of life through his eyes served as the springboard for this remarkable documentary exploration, as passages from Higashida’s work are juxtaposed with shared testimonials from five young autistic individuals and their families from around the world–America, Britain, India, and Sierra Leone–to bring a telling perspective on a non-neurotypical existence’s causes and effects.

Toy Story: 4-Movie Collection

All four of the Disney/Pixar Toy Story films along with tons of special features are included in this 10-disc set.

The Yearling (1946)

In post-Civil War Florida, a struggling dirt farmer (Gregory Peck) can barely raise enough to keep body and soul together for his wife (Jane Wyman) and young son (Claude Jarman, Jr.). Although fate delivers the lonely boy a wanted pet in the form of an orphaned fawn, the family’s inability to keep it fed leads him to difficult choices. Timeless telling of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings tale co-stars Chill Wills, Henry Travers, Forrest Tucker.

Giants and Toys (1958)

Third-place candy company ad exec Goda (Hideo Takamatsu) was under orders to wrest market share from the big two–or else–and to that end, he picked gawky teen Kyoko (Hitomi Nozoe) off the street as the face of the product. While the flashy campaign clicks, his problems mount…keeping control of his spotlight-loving find most of all. Cutting corporate satire from the Takeshi Kaikô novel co-stars Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Yunosuke Ito, Michiko Ono.

Hillbillys in a Haunted House (1967)

Ghosts meet grits in this song-filled horror/comedy, the follow-up to “Las Vegas Hillbillys.” On their way to Nashville, country-western singers Woody Wetherby (Ferlin Husky) and Boots Malone (Joi Lansing) stop at an apparently haunted mansion that’s also home to spies who try to scare their new “guests” away. Don Bowman, Linda Ho co-star, with sinister support from John Carradine, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Basil Rathbone.

Timeless Love (2019)

Megan (Rachel Skarsten) knew an idyllic life with her husband Thomas (Brant Daugherty) and their two kids…until she awoke from a two-month post-accident coma to find that it had all been in her unconscious. Depressed and taking a different job, she’s stunned to discover her new boss (Daugherty, again) is the literal man of her dreams–and she must walk a fine line between winning his heart and scaring him off. Fantasy-flavored Hallmark entry co-stars Jill Adler, Terence Goodman.

They Won’t Believe Me (1947)

Roving-eyed, no-good broker Larry Ballantine (Robert Young) had a wealthy wife (Rita Johnson) who’d seemingly forgive him anything, and who paid his way out of successive dalliances with journalist Janice Bell (Jane Greer) and employee Verna Carlson (Susan Hayward). The bored philanderer’s scheme to run off with Verna hits some fateful–and fatal–snags, but his seeming scot-free getaway won’t be long enjoyed. Long-demanded film noir co-stars Tom Powers, Don Beddoe.

Tank (1984)

U.S. Sergeant Major Zack Carey (James Garner) hoped his last stint before retiring in a backwater Georgia town would go by quietly. After he ran afoul of the corrupt, sadistic local sheriff (G.D. Spradlin)–who retaliated by framing his son (C. Thomas Howell) and sending him to a laborious prison farm–Carey knew his access to a World War II Sherman tank was going to come in handy. Shirley Jones, Jenilee Harrison, James Cromwell co-star in this action-packed comedy.

The Final Stand (2020)

Inspired by actual events, this gripping World War II drama from Russia finds 3500 infantry and artillery cadets from the city of Podolsk’s military academies deployed to bolster the ranks of the Soviet 43rd Army during the Battle of Moscow. With reinforcements on the way, these young, untried, would-be soldiers will be forced to grow up faster than they ever expected as they fight to hold off approaching German forces. Artyom Gubin, Lubov Konstantinova, Igor Yudin star. AKA: “The Last Frontier.”

Captain America: 3-Movie Collection

Three-disc set includes Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), and Captain America: Civil War (2016).

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