Movie Trailer of the Day: Cocoon

Over the weekend, veteran character actor Wilford Brimley died at the age of 85. Although he had been working in show business since the early 1970s, Brimley’s breakthrough role was in the 1985 Ron Howard science-fiction dramedy Cocoon. The heartwarming movie experience concerns a group of seniors who stumble upon aliens on Earth, and the magical youth-restoring abilities that they possess. Here’s the film’s trailer:

As we reflect upon the life and career of Wilford Brimley, it’s worth mentioning that the actor was only 50 during the time of Cocoon‘s filming (he was aged thanks to the magic of makeup). Even though Brimley was best known for portraying gruff, paternal figures, this film gave him the opportunity to deliver one of the most fully realized performances of his long and distinguished career.