Sound Off on Movie Musicals Here!

For this latest Open Thread, we want to you to sound off on all things related to movie musicals. The genre has seen its ups and downs over the years — the latter being the most recent example, in the form of Cats, a film that is finding it has nine lives thanks to it becoming a purrfect cult film. Musicals should see themselves soaring towards unprecedented success next year when Lin Manuel-Miranda‘s Hamilton, one of the most successful shows ever, hits theaters next year. (The film version of his In the Heights will be released later this year). From Fiddler on the Roof to West Side Story to The Rocky Horror Picture Show to Grease to The Sound of Music, these films have touched our hearts and become a part of our shared experience.

So here’s what we want to know:

• What’s your favorite musical movie and why?

• What’s your least favorite musical movie and why?

• What’s your favorite song from a movie musical?

• What’s your favorite musical movie not based on a Broadway show?

• What movie musical have you seen the most?

• Why do you think the genre of musical films has endured across the decades?

Feel free to answer all or any of these in the comments below. Look! A new day, has begun!