Create-A-Caption: Joker

With Joaquin Phoenix‘s Best Actor win for playing the title role still fresh in everyone’s minds, this week’s Create-A-Caption is focused on Joker.

In early-‘80s Gotham City, living on the margins was rough for socially awkward party clown and failed standup Arthur Fleck (Phoenix). One bad day was all that was necessary for him to snap…and the brutal vigilantism that resulted would make him the antihero that an angry and disaffected public had been looking for. Todd Phillips’ pitch-dark, Scorsese-redolent take on the iconic DC Comics supervillain co-stars Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Brett Cullen, and Robert De Niro.

We’ve taken the most iconic moment from the film and given it a comedic caption below. Put on a happy face and do the same in the comments!

The Joker took the whole “put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care” thing to the next level.