Movie Trailer of the Day: Life with Mikey

For this latest Movie Trailer of the Day feature, we are taking to you back to 1993 to revisit the endearing showbiz comedy Life with Mikey. Michael J. Fox delivers another hilarious performance in the film as Michael Chapman, an ex-child star who now runs a talent agency with his high-strung brother Ed (Nathan Lane, in a scene-stealing role). While on the hunt for the Next Big Thing in Hollywood, Michael meets Angie Vega (Christina Vidal), a streetwise kid/aspiring con artist. He immediately thinks he can make her a big star — and save his struggling business at the same time — but soon discovers how complicated (and comedic) his plan will be. Take a look:

The film’s excellent supporting cast includes Cyndi Lauper, David Krumholtz, David Huddleston, and Victor Garber. Thanks to a new release from KL Studio Classics that is now available, Life with Mikey is ready to charm another generation with its zany fun.