Poll: Which Of These Top-Grossing Films Is Your Favorite?

Well, it’s official, Avengers: Endgame is now the highest grossing film in history. Over the weekend the latest installment in Marvel’s superhero team franchise overtook James Cameron‘s Avatar (which earned $2.7897 billion in global box office receipts) to become the all-time champ. For fans of comic book movies, this gives a sense of validation and should shut down complaints of the mythical “superhero fatigue” among mainstream moviegoers once and for all. Yet it also seems cosmically right as the Marvel movies have had a huge influence upon the way films are made and marketed. (Also, despite all it’s financial success, Avatar has had a negligible pop culture impact). For this latest poll, we want you to tell us which of the top ten highest grossing films ever is your favorite. And share your thoughts on all of these major moneymakers in the comments below!

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