Four and Three and Two and Done: The Complete “Broad City” Is Now on DVD

Yas kween! Initially beginning life as a web series, Broad City has gone on to become a comedy sensation. The brainchild of creators/stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the show chronicles the adventures of two twentysomethings navigating the perils of life and dating in New York City. To be perfectly clear though, the series — which recently completed a five-season run on Comedy Central and is now available in a complete series DVD set — most definitely is not the heir to the Sex in the City or Girls throne. It’s way more original and funny and strange than anything that has been on television in ages.

Over the course of 50 episodes, Glazer and Jacobson allowed their characters to evolve in an organic way that was smart and funny. As the series progressed, the storylines went from hilariously goofy adventures (the wisdom tooth episode in particular) to becoming touching monuments about growing up and apart. There has never quite been an exploration of female friendship like Broad City on TV before, and although imitators will doubtlessly try, there will never be characters as lovable and real as Abbi and Ilana again. Broad City is a series to cherish, and it’s one that I will, always.