Celebrate Monster May-Hem with These Horror Hits Now On Sale!

Bummed that Halloween is months away? There’s no need to be, as you can enjoy fright flicks all year round! We’re making it easier for you than ever to stock up on horror hits with our current Monster May-hem sale. Spanning from the 1910s to today, here’s a selection of some of the many titles that we are currently scaring up savings for you with!:

Night of the Living Dead

Director/cowriter George Romero’s gruesome and groundbreaking cult classic pioneered the zombie genre of horror films and spawned a host of sequels, remakes, and imitators. A disparate group of people takes refuge in an isolated farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania in a desperate bid for survival as they come under siege by hordes of the recently deceased, returned to “life” as bloodthirsty, flesh-eating ghouls. Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Karl Hardman star. Includes both the original B&W and the newly colorized versions.


George A. Romero and Stephen King pay tribute to the old E.C. comics with this frightening, funny anthology. A family patriarch comes back from the dead to exact revenge, in “Father’s Day”; “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” finds a farmer transformed into a giant plant; two lovers return from a watery grave, in “Something to Tide You Over”; a monster is released from “The Crate”; and a recluse is terrorized by bugs, in “They’re Creeping Up on You.” Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Leslie Nielsen star.

The Return of the Vampire

During the London Blitz, centuries-old vampire Armand Tesla (Bela Lugosi) is freed from the prison of slumber he’s been in ever since he was staked through the chest over two decades earlier. Awakened and back on the prowl, the bloodsucking Tesla recruits his werewolf henchman (Matt Willis) as he hatches a sinister plot of vengeance. Effective low-budget chiller also stars Frieda Inescort, Nina Foch, Roland Varno, Miles Mander.

4D Man

Scientist Tony Nelson (James Congdon) invents an electronic amplifier that imparts the secret to moving through matter and entering a 4th dimensional state. But when Tony steals brother Scott’s (Robert Lansing) beautiful girlfriend (Lee Meriwether), Scott poaches the device and goes on a jealous killing rampage, walking through walls and turning a kiss of love into a kiss of death! Great ’50s sci-fi fun co-stars Robert Strauss, Patty Duke.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

A stunning experiment in cinematic surrealism and psychological horror that set the tone for many later works. Werner Krauss stars as the hypnotist/showman who travels through a weirdly distorted German countryside and unleashes Cesare, his somnambulist slave, on the townspeople. With Conrad Veidt, Lil Dagover.

Prince of Darkness (Collector’s Edition)

From John Carpenter comes this chilling tale of a primordial essence unleashed from its prison of seven million years by scientists. We don’t know what the evil-looking liquid is in that ancient container, but with hordes of creepy crawlies around it, and a glow that turns folks into zombies, we bet it isn’t Moxie. Donald Pleasence, Jameson Parker star.

The Car

Much requested at Movies Unlimited, this revved-up terror tale is set in a remote Utah town whose residents are being run over by a mysterious black sedan. When the sheriff falls victim to the driverless vehicle, his deputy (James Brolin) comes to realize that a supernatural force is behind the wheel and must be stopped. With John Marley, Kathleen Lloyd, R.G. Armstrong, and a 1971 Lincoln in the title role.


It was a student orientation like no other when American ballet student Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) landed on the doorstep of a prestigious dance academy in a small German town and promptly witnessed another student fleeing in terror. As Suzy observes the other unholy goings-on, she comes to realize the school is home to modern-day witches who seek to resurrect their coven’s long-dead founder. Italian scaremaster Dario Argento’s magnum opus co-stars Alida Valli, Joan Bennett, Stefania Casini, Udo Kier.


In 1906, grieving psychiatrist Eric Price (Jason Clarke) was tasked with evaluating the sanity of munitions maker matriarch Sarah Winchester (Helen Mirren), who had credited the ghosts of rifle victims with spurring the unending construction on her sprawling San Jose manse. As the doctor settled into his investigation, however, he found unholy evidence that it wasn’t mere mania tormenting his subject. Fact-inspired chiller from the Spierig Brothers co-stars Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson, Eamon Farren.


The theatrical version of writer/director duo Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s double-bill homage to exploitation films is presented here. First, Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” has fallout from a bio-weapon turning the townsfolk into zombies. It’s then up to the gun-legged Rose McGowan and her pals to combat the chaos. Freddy Rodriguez, Bruce Willis, Marley Shelton, and Josh Brolin co-star. Next, Tarantino’s “Death Proof” features psychotic driver Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), who uses his souped-up movie car to stalk and kill young women. However, he just may get his comeuppance when he targets the wrong group of feisty gals, with their own fast ride. Rosario Dawson, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, and Zoe Bell co-star. The faux movie trailers for “Don’t,” “Werewolf Women of the SS,” and “Thanksgiving” are also included.

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