Create-A-Caption: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Director Robert Aldrich‘s 1962 psychological chiller Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as a pair of retired show-biz sisters who now live together in a dilapidated West Hollywood mansion. Driven by dementia and jealousy, Jane (Davis), the one-time vaudeville child star known as “Baby Jane” Hudson, unmercifully torments Blanche (Crawford), a former respected actress who’s now confined to a wheelchair.

The movie is considered a campy cult classic thanks to the pairing of rivals Davis and Crawford (their tumultuous professional relationship was the focus of the first series of the FX series Feud), and it remains wildly entertaining largely due to its larger-than-life nature. We’ve taken an image from the film and added a comedic comment. We encourage you to do the same below!

What is this? I wanted a Whopper!